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Red Rose, Spinning

"Express yourself.... ..
     Let our creations speak for you;
              your quality & style....
                      only at ALYSA Fashion.... 

Looking for a fashion consultant?  Our doors are open and it's our pleasure to serve you.....

We pride ourselves for our quality workmanship, specialized customer service, professionalism and long-term commitment with our clients.  Our major team-players have been in the industry for more than 20 years with a proven track record.

Come and visit us at our showroom or call us at 254-7576 and talk to the expert!

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Alysa Fashion Boutique
LBR Bldg., Ground Floor
785 V. Rama Avenue (near SEC)
Cebu City 6000, Philippines

Phone: (+6332) 254-7576
Fax: (+6332) 254-7576

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  Store/Office Hours:  Mon - Sat   9am - 6pm                       
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